TV under 9..10

Luis Paulo luis.barbas at
Sat Apr 3 13:54:08 UTC 2010

I can't help more than Xandros, I have a PVR-350, different chipset.
"*WinTV-NOVA* ... the designation is used for their so-called "budget" or
software decoding cards". That can't be good. softmodems, softraid, soft
something usually are more trouble.
*"Note:* This card comes in two flavours. The author only has experience
with the Conexant CX chipset sold with the newer models. ".
Check it with lspci -v, and let us know

Anyone who has managed this preferably without having to re-compile the
> kernel
> (can you imagine getting anyone to re-compile XP :-<)

I wish I could :)

Still in the compile subject, I've tried to install freevo a month ago, but
the package "is broken" - It doesn't work. You may compile from source. I've
tried and didn't have success, but I didn't try much.
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