(NOT SOLVED YET)) How to disable USB storage only (USB headets should continue to work)

J dreadpiratejeff at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 20:03:02 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 14:51, David Taveras <d3taveras38d3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello guys..
> Iam trying to disable only usb-storage support. I have rm -fr
> /lib/modules/2.6.31-20-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/ .. and then
> rebooted.
> If i pop in a USB drive once its booted back then it works as expected
> (cannot mount the USB drive) .. but if I pop in the USB drive while
> the OS is booting once it enters the deskptop i see the drive already
> mounted. What is the correct way to do this?
> I also tried:
>  # echo 'install usb-storage : ' >> /etc/modprobe.conf
> Ive noticed that when I do the test of inserting the USB driver before
> the OS boots when it comes up there is a directory created by the OS
> in /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb-storage
> Where is the OS still loading the drivers from? I only have 1 kernel installed.

The short answer is: when you plug a device in on a system that's
already booted, the drivers can't load because you've deleted them
from /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/??

However when you boot the system with USB drives attached, the
usb-storage module is being loaded into memory from the initrd file at
boot time.

I'd bet that if you removed all references to usb-storage in
modprobe.conf, and deleted the drivers, then did a depmod -a, and then
rebuilt the initrd, you'd probably see this behaviour disappear.

For a quick test, boot the system with USB drives attached.  Then,
remove the drives, and rmmod the usb-storage driver.  Then plug the
USB drive back in and see what happens.  That'll probably make my
explanation a little more clear.


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