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Karl Larsen klarsen1 at
Fri Apr 2 11:09:42 UTC 2010

On 04/01/2010 09:28 PM, Goh Lip wrote:
> On 04/02/2010 05:58 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> 	I am now booted automatically into Ubuntu version 8.04 as I
>> desired. I had to replace the 0 with 21 to get here. You Must
>> count every line of the boot menu which includes kernel lines.
>> This means every time I get a new kernel for Lucid it will
>> break this setup! So it is not a good solution. But it is at
>> least a solution! now to improve on it, if possible.
> Can you recall how that's done for grub-legacy? Did it not also break
> this setup? How was grub-legacy better in this respect?
     To do this on Grub2 it was simple and it is not changed by normal 
events. What you do is edit menu.lst and put the item you to boot 
automatic in position 1, oh, excuse me it is position 0 now.

>   Not by having to
> go to /etc/default/grub? So you just change the menu.lst and 'rechange'
> every time you've got a new kernel?

     No see above comment.

> So, just go change the grub.cfg and 'rechange' every time time you get a
> new kernel! But, nooooo, because it advises against that. Why is the
> warning there? To tell us that the changes made just at grub.cfg won't
> stick for next grub-update. But I am sure you know that already.

     Yes I know that. Also I went to the Grub web page and I entered a 
bug on grub2 which is that is almost impossible to manually change any 
thing and the Grub2 manual has zero examples of what to do.

> Furthermore, can you think of a better way the grub developers can do
> this, either for grub-legacy or grub2? For example, can the system
> magically 'know' you want 8.04 to be first boot and go about doing this?
> What happens when you want the 2nd older kernel at 8.04 to be first boot
> instead? Can it read your mind?
     I can set the menu.lst to do almost anything I want. I have been 
using grub1 since 1995 and I learned real easy how to change grub with 
manual changes to menu.lst. This works because menu.lst can be added to 
by the system, but it is NEVER reset.

73 Karl

> Goh Lip

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