Virtal Machine preferences?

Steve Lamb grey at
Sun Sep 13 03:12:03 UTC 2009

p.echols at wrote:
> The first question: there some reason to use one over the other?  Features
> or ease of use?

    VirtualBox because it is, as far as Sun can make it, Open Source.  PEUL is
 specifically designed for personal use, even in a corporate environment.
It's in the official FAQ.  If you don't need USB and one other feature (I
forget which) then OSE will work if the tiny non-free portions stick in your
craw.  OSE is in the official repositories while PEUL is dead simple to
install from VBox's site.

> The second question: when I am not using Windows (which will only be
> rarely) I assume I can shut down the VM and recover the memory / cpu
> resources for Ubuntu.  Are there complications with doing that?

    Nope.  I have been using VirtualBox PEUL at work.  XP Host, 3 Win2k, 2 XP,
2 Server 2003, KUbuntu, XUbuntu and Puppy Linux guests.  The Windows guests
have all survived being closed down with "Save machine state".  I rarely have
to reboot those machines from their perspective.  In a typical night I'll open
and close some of the VMs several times as they are needed.  Really, if it
weren't for gaming I could get by with Windows being in a VBox for the rare
Windows app I might need.  Which, by the day, is getting rarer and rarer.  I
think I'm down to Vuze.  ;)

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