Facebook is anti-Linux! Help change them!

Stephen stephen_o at rogers.com
Sat Sep 12 16:37:43 UTC 2009

Peter N. Spotts wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 07:50:48 +0200
> Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com> wrote:
>> http://blog.kenweiner.com/2008/01/facebook-has-no-love-for-linux.html
>> Please help make Facebook Linux Friendly!
>> Facebook is one of the biggest sites on the net. It is were many kids
>> hang out and if they can force them into MS then we are loosing a
>> large group of future users (or current). My brother has 2 computer
>> systems. The reason is so that he can run Linux on one and run MS on
>> the other so that he can use Facebook. Please help put a stop to this!
> Like others, I regularly use Facebook with Linux, have for several
> years, and I have no problem doing so. I'm running the latest version
> of Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04. Likewise, I've had no problem running
> Facebook in Opera for Linux. It is interesting that the individual
> complaining was using Firefox 2 at the time. Not sure which 2.x
> version. 
> I get similar messages from Yahoo's revamped email site: You're
> operating system is not supported. Yet the site works flawlessly when I
> use it. I wouldn't get too wired about this unless you've tried to use
> Facebook with Linux and it's failed to provide all of the functions you
> want. Then hit up this list with specific questions.
> With best regards,
> Pete
I am also using Ubuntu 9.04, and have been using it for about 8 months. 
I have no problem with Facebook. I was playing poker and didn't have any 
problem with the servers or switching around to any games.

As far as adding friend or data being lost that never happened. Facebook 
works as well in linux with firefox as it does in Windoze.

Stephen O.
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