Vista kills Ubuntu wireless

Young tuxman at
Wed Sep 2 19:50:37 UTC 2009

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Accessys at wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Sep 2009, Young wrote:
>>> I just got my first laptop (Dell Studio 1737), and wanted to do it
>>> up right with Ubuntu. Before I even let Vista run, I forced it to
>>> boot from the Ubuntu 9.04 i386 live CD and it *worked fine,
>>> including the wireless*. So I, of course, think I'm home free.
>> easy solution, delete vista.
> No, it's not a solution as long as wireless doesn't work with Ubuntu.
> @Young: Do you have a key or key combination to switch on/off wireless? 
> And if you have it, did you try to enable it again after you booted 
> Ubuntu. The second thing to try: In the BIOS of my laptop (not a Dell 
> machine) I have a "wireless default setting" which can be enabled or 
> disabled. It has to be enabled for Ubuntu. And I remember I have seen 
> another machine which had the options "disabled" and "no change" where 
> the "no change" option worked, IIRC. If you have such a setting, play 
> with it to find out if it makes a change.
> Nils
Thanks for the idea Nils.

There's a switch on the side to enable/disable the wireless, but it 
doesn't really change anything.
I just reset the BIOS to defaults. But it doesn't help. The only thing I 
had changed before was the boot order so it would boot off the CD.

I just booted off the CD again to see if the BIOS reset changed anything.
The answer is no.

What else can be done to reset everything to the state it was in before 
Vista initialized?
Remember, it worked fine off of the CD before that.

Does Ubuntu install a different driver than the one it uses for the LiveCD?


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