Seeking video editors [was: ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 61, Issue 4]

Steve Grace sgrace at
Wed Sep 30 15:08:07 UTC 2009

Fred Roller wrote:
> Premio Del Capo wrote:
>> ubuntu 9.04
>> I have an eight megapixel digital camera.
>> with the software ubuntu can not do a simple video editing.
>> I can not add titles, I can not put the effects. With the software 
>> ubuntu how can I manipulate the video in a professional format.
> Simple editor = kino
>     converts files to dv format and then allows export to several common 
> formats.  Includes titles, fx, etc.  Nothing extraordinary but effective 
> for home movie production.  This package is in the repositories.
>     Applications->Add/Remove...
>        ->search for "kino"
> Professional grade = cinelerra

I recently looked at all of the video editors in the Intrepid 
repositories. The only usable one I found was Avidemux. Many of the 
others were remarkably unstable and/or lacking essential features.

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