[ubuntu users] How to get more work spaces--Question 1

Matt Harrison matt.harrison82 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 12:11:07 UTC 2009

>> Plonk*****
>> Enough.
>> I think you should be forced to unsubscribe from this list. Go away.
>> That was just uncalled for
>        Again you copy JUST the part that supports your view that I
> should be removed. I am sure glad your not in charge of this list.
>        If you wish to make a point about what I wrote, quote the
> whole email.
> 73 Karl
> 73 Karl
> --
Fine, I'll copy the whole thing...

> I want to increase the workspaces on Ubuntu vs 8.04 (from 7 to 10 work
> spaces -- 7 has been set as the limit)
 >      What does Ubuntu vs 8.04 mean??

Really..I said this before....my 4 year old knew he was talking about
version 8.04 just decided to abbreviate it shorter than some people
would have done so....

 as well as Ubuntu vs 9.04 (from 2
> to 5).  Apparently the manner of doing this is different on 8.04 than on
> 9.04 unless one uses the command line
>      Where does the command line enter this strange email??

If you read the entire sentence, he is talking about how, to him, it
appears to him that the ways you increase the number of workspaces in
8.04 is different in 9.04...But if you do it via the command line it
is the same.....Read the entire thing before finding one thing to be
an @$$ to someone about.

 which I tried unsuccessfully for
> 8.04.  A few weeks ago I stumbled on what was supposed to be the command
> line but it did not work and thereafter Ubuntu crashed and I lost the
> command line and by the time I got back to this problem I had fogotten
> where to dig up the command line.

>       You usually get the command line ON EVERY VERSION of Ubuntu
>by opening a Terminal Window, or, dropping to an early part of

This is about the only thing you said that was constructive....but you
didn't need to throw the all caps in....you could have just stated
that it was available on every version and tell him where to find it
or the command to get it.

 I would prefer the command line
> approach as it gets away from GUI differences and Icon applications.
> For example 8.04 does not have the same approach as 9.04 which uses an
> Icon for certain management concerns whereas 8.04 does the same thing
> using pop up options.

>       I have both 8.04 and 9.04 and see zero difference in the
>basic way you use both versions. Did you have a little to much
>to drink?

Here is why everyone always calls for you to be banned from the list.
Just because you don't think there is a difference between 8.04 and
9.04 doesn't mean other people don't see differences.  While I may
agree that most actions between both versions are exactly the same, or
at least very similar does not call for you to throw in a comment
implying the person is obviously drinking because he has his opinion
on something that happens to be different from you.  I've been on this
list off and on for the past year and it seems like you rarely offer
anything constructive, and at least once a week, someone is calling
for you to leave the list.

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