address data base with "tags"

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Wed Sep 30 09:31:31 UTC 2009

Bas Roufs schrieb:
> Hello Franz
>> I am looking for an address data base ....
> A few possible solutions spring to my mind.
>> Right now my parents are using thunderbird, but a switch to
>> evolution is possible.
> In Kubuntu 9.10, there is a so-called 'Personal Information Manager',
> in which e-mail (KMAIL), agenda, task list, 'Kontact' (contact/
> address manager) and some other items have been integrated.
> You could check whether 'Evolution' (Ubuntu 9.10 and previous
> versions) is a part of a similar integrated package, but designed for
> gnome.
> Otherwise you could consider to simply install the 'Personal
> Information Manager'.
> KDE packages should work also in Gnome and vice-verse.

I will take a look at the suggested applications. If I can stick with 
gnome, I would prefer this as my parents are not very familiar with the 
pc and the different look of kde-applications confueses them.
> A part of 'OpenOffice' is the so-called 'Database', which is similar
> to Access.  From there you can also import and export to Access.

Thank you for your advice. I should have specified this more in detail: 
This is an Ubuntu only System. The reference to access should just 
outline a basic knowledge of databases.
>> Here is the data which should be stored (in addition to phone, email,..)
>> Sample Contact:
>> Name; Tags; Relation
>> Franz Waldmüller; PhotoExhibition+Private;  Family
>> Maria Spark; PhotoExhibition;    Girlfriend of Jack
> As far as I know, 'Database' is most easy to create such a tailor-made database.
> But I do not know whether you can integrate such a file in KMAIL or Evolution.
> So, you could also simply check and try whether 'Personal Information
> Manager' or a similar Gnome integrated package can meet your needs.
Thanks, I will do so.
If somebody has some further advice, it is still welcome.

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