address data base with "tags"

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Wed Sep 30 08:40:26 UTC 2009


I am looking for an address data base which full fills the following 

The current situation:
My mother has a spreadsheet with all contacts who are interested in her 
photo exhibitions. Recently she deleted some cells of the spreadsheet 
and all the data got mixed up (she didn't delete entire rows, just 
certain cells.) Combined with the fact that she has to update several 
contact-lists (private, photo exhibition, ...) it seems that a small 
contact data base would improve the situation.
I know that for this task several solutions exist, but do you know a 
software/data base which is capable of the following:

+)  It should be possible to add tags to contacts
+)  It should be possible to create a frontend to print out specific 
contacts like in a spreadsheet (if there isn't one available).
+)  If the mail-client could access this data base, this would be 
superb. Right now my parents are using thunderbird, but a switch to 
evolution is possible.

Some years ago I created an Access-Data-Base which was used to track the 
production of a plant. I remember the possibility to create reports 
which just printed out the desired data. The solution should remain as 
simple as possible.

Here is the data which should be stored (in addition to phone, email,..)
Sample Contact:
Name; Tags; Relation
Franz Waldmüller; PhotoExhibition+Private;  Family
Maria Spark; PhotoExhibition;    Girlfriend of Jack

The tags should be present in order to be able to print out a list for 
the photo exhibition or a list of all private contact (note a lot of 
people need to have more than one tag)
The relation is used for the contacts of the photo exhibition: To 
remember to whom a contact belongs to --> above example: if Maria and 
Jack split up, Maria isn't invited any more because Jack belongs to the 
family and will come to the exhibition.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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