What happened to std::min and ?

Cameron Hutchison lists at xdna.net
Wed Sep 30 04:16:41 UTC 2009

MirJafar Ali <mirjafarali at gmail.com> writes:

>Recently I upgraded my OS to the Ubuntu 9.04 from jaunty and it has g++4.3.3
>and some codes which were happily
>working for years suddenly stumbled upon as simple code as
>#include <stdlib.h>

>#include <stdio.h>
>using namespace std;

>int main()
>   int n = 10;
>   int m = 10;
>   int k = std::min(n,m);

std::min is declared in <algorithm>. You are not including this header.

If it worked previously, then it was by accident. It may be that the
headers in later versions of g++ are cleaner in that they do not declare
names from other headers as a side-effect.

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