Dovecot upgrade

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Sep 29 21:44:29 UTC 2009

Sam Przyswa wrote:

> Since the last Dovecot upgrade my users can't login in plaintext anymore
> with Thunderbird THANKS Dovecot developers !

Don't you think some hint of what version you're talking about would be 
helpful?  Anyway, I'm using the latest karmic dovecot, and I've never had 
this problem.

> How my users can catch their mails as before ????
> What have you changed ?

Please don't say things like that.  There aren't (m)any developers here (any 
there are keep a very low profile), and "we" haven't changed anything.  My 
bet is that you let it install a new config file - when your choice of 
upgrade methods tells you that it wants to install a config file, and the 
version on the system has been modified from the installed version, it is 
_almost never_ right to tell it to install the new version.  Generally the 
old version will work, if not perfectly.  You should always choose to diff 
the two versions though. Do:

$ locate  .dpkg-

and see if there are any files for dovecot.  If there are, diff them, and 
figure out what you need to change.  

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