Auto NFS Mounting

Ken Adams adams.ken.j at
Mon Sep 28 21:42:04 UTC 2009


Very interesting.

Looks like tomorrows project for when I am awake a bit more than I am at
the moment.


On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 17:32 -0400, James Michael Fultz wrote:
> * Ken Adams <adams.ken.j at> [2009-09-28 21:04 +0100]:
> >Server - 3 nfs exports setup to share over the home network.  
> >Laptop - I use this to do all my work Wireless Access - Used to 
> >connect my laptop to the lan and internet when I am at home. 
> > 
> >If I only used my laptop at home, I could add the nfs shares to 
> >my /etc/fstab file to automatically mount the shares on boot. As 
> >I use the laptop away from home, this would understandably cause 
> >problems. 
> You could look into autofs for automounting.
> <>
> >I have set NM to manually set the IP number when it connects via 
> >my home access point. 
> > 
> >Is there a way I can run a script whenever my laptop connects to 
> >the home AP. In this script I could then mount the nfs shares. 
> If you use the system network interfaces configuration file 
> ('/etc/network/interfaces') for an interface, you can call 
> scripts for a particular interface configuration when it is 
> activated.  See the documentation for interfaces(5) if you want 
> to know more about it.  Any interface configured in the system 
> network interfaces configuration is not managed by 
> NetworkManager, so that is something else to consider.
> This seems to go into pretty good detail if you were interested 
> going the route using '/etc/networking/interfaces':  
> <>

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