home network through router

ravi ravi at marine.lk
Wed Sep 23 14:35:55 UTC 2009

Paul S wrote:
> New to home networking.
> I have a recent belkin-n router and two laptops.  Each laptop is running 
> 9.04.  One is connected to the router through and eth0 network cable. 
> The other is using a recent ralink usb wifi.
> Each laptop is able to access the internet through the router's 
> connection to my cable modem.
> The router DNS table shows each laptop's connection device and assigned 
> ip address to the wifi and ip address
> to the eth0 cable.
> I want to share some folders between the laptops.
> I've looked in the router configuration and manual and don't find any 
> reference to setting up file sharing.
> I've looked through ubuntu documentation and have followed the steps in 
> the help guide:
> Help > Internet & Networks > 8. Home Networks, and followed those 
> instruction on installing nfs and setting up a shared folder.
> But I don't get anything (other than the dummy windows-shares) showing 
> up in Places > Network
> After googling, I get so many hits that I can't figure out what to 
> follow.  Can someone knowledgable in such a network point me to the 
> correct howto?
        A router's interfaces can acts like a hub. So you better put 
your both machines into the same work group and try.
most of the times it is better to enable routers Lan protocol to RIPv1.

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