CD covers too small

Graham Watkins at
Sat Sep 26 15:01:48 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I recently switched to 9.04 having used 8.10 for quite a while.  I have 
now found that whenever I attempt to print jewel caseinserts for CDs, 
using Koverartist -my fave cover producer for quite a while now - they 
come smaller than actual size.  My printer is an Epson Stylus DX4000 
(though I don't think it's the printer's fault).

On 8.10 I always got round this problem by selecting preview when 
printing.  This would open the cover in a viewer - don't remember which 
one, and it would then print to the correct size.  Now it opens in 
GhostScript and prints off slightly too small.  If I don't use the 
preview, it's waaay too small.

I'd like to stick with Koverartist if I can as I like it's facilities.  
However, I will consider other suggestions if this can't be fixed.  
Googling hasn't helped.



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