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On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 1:07 PM, John D Lamb <J.D.Lamb at> wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-09-24 at 09:49 -0600, drew.einhorn wrote:
>> 1)  Instead of filling the entire page.  I just fills the area inside
>> the margins.
>> How do I get the background to fill the entire page?
>> 2)  Some folks in the office still insist on MS-Word, when I save as .doc,
>> I lose the background.  I may have to try again on one of their computers
>> with MS Word (yuck).
> The following should work and should be saveable in .doc format without
> too many problems. Instead of using the background tab, try
> Insert > Picture > From File…
> to insert the graphic. Then click on the graphic to select it and use
> Format > Picture…
> To format it. On the Type tab, set Anchor to To page. This makes sure
> the picture is not placed relative to the text area. Exit the dialogue
> and place the picture carefully. You may want to use the dialogue again
> to fine-tune the placement. Once the placement is correct, use
> Format > Picture…
> to reopen the dialogue. On the Wrap tab, select Through and In
> background. You will now have the image in the background on the first
> page only.

Hmm.  What if they have a different letterhead for second,
and subsequent pages.

> The reason for using the dialogue twice is that if the
> picture doesn’t overlap the margins when you set it as a background
> image you won’t be able to select it directly (though it is still
> accessible through Navigator).

I did not undstand that.

> You may find it helpful to use Gimp to get the image looking better,
> though scanned images are never as good as the original.

The first thing I'm going to do is rescan the page at higher resolution.
Then maybe I won't have to delve into the mysteries of gimp.

> You may also
> find it useful to set the page style as First Page (Format > Styles and
> Formatting) so that you can change the page margins to suit the first
> page while leaving default margins for subsequent pages.

Good idea.  AThey may be where I have to mess with an alternate
background image for second and subsequent pages.

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