Slightly OT - SFTP versus FTP speeds

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Sep 24 13:07:55 UTC 2009

Steve Flynn wrote:

> All getting a bit complex for this list, and technically it's got
> nothing to do with Ubuntu Linux either. Thanks for the feedback on the
> speed though. Sadly, we have a difference of opinions in that one camp
> says it's typical and another says it's well out of order.

This camp says, take two open ssh boxes, put them on the same 100 M/bit
lan, and transfer files with either the command line sftp client or
filezilla, and you will have transfer speed of 12 MB/s.  Over Internet,
which has many more variables, I get approx 600 KB/s (my max transfer
over http protocol is about 800 KB/s, you can make of that difference
what you will)

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