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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
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Tab Gilbert wrote:
>> Assumming Ubuntu Desktop (mine is 9.04)
>> If you want simple file sharing between the two systems then right click
>> on the folders you want to share and click "Sharing Options..."  This
>> will prompt you to install 2 packages.  Enter the admin password and
>> restart your session.  Do this on both systems and you should see the
>> systems under Places->Network and look for the PC name.
>> If you are looking for sftp via ssh then let us know, it to is fairly
>> simple.
>> If you want to share via nfs, this too can be done fairly easily.
>> Thank you for the simple information.  I have been using Giver and did not
> realize how easy it was to set up simple file sharing between two
> computers.  What I have have wanted to do is set up something like "go to my
> pc" but the lack of a static IP address on my DSL connection has always
> confused me when I attempt any solution.  This is a nice little baby step of
> learning.  Did not mean to change the topic but I wanted to thank you for
> also providing some easy to understand instructions.
> tab

	Well it is a fact that letting a router choose your IP number 
will ruin any *REAL* networking. You MUST know that computer A 
is And Computer B is and your gateway 
is the router at

	There is a way to tell Ubuntu to insist on a particular IP 
number. I am going to find out how using Google first. I will 
put in Ubuntu, ip number, fixed and see what it finds.

	Finally chose a IP number that is near the number the router 
used. You find that with $ sudo ifconfig and you should write 
down all the numbers. They will all be useful. Have fun.



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