where do I find source packages?

~TraydenT~ traydent at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 12:16:14 UTC 2009

Le 23/09/2009 13:43, robert rottermann a écrit :
> hi there,
> I would like to install squid version 2.6 on  Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS.
Cannot test, but it may be possible to use one of the compiled packages
from other versions to update (see the availables one on
http://packages.ubuntu.com/squid), at the price of updating libraries
(which may be painful). Look at the requirements for the (for example)
hardy package, and check if it is possible to install it easily on your
> now I understan, that I have to install it from source.
> where do I get the source from?
> does ubuntu keep a repository from where I can download it, or do I go to squid?
Maybe you will find «apt-get source» useful for compiling a
«Ubuntu-patched» version of squid.
> thanks
> robert

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