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> What specifically is "Talk talk"?

I don't know if you saw my posting to the list (I haven't seen it come
up so I don't know if its got lost), but to answer your question.

Talk Talk is one of the cheapest and most popular ISPs in the UK.  It
specialises in providing broadband, cell phone (we'd say "mobile
phone"), and mobile broadband.  The latter requires a usb dongle to
connect to the cell phone broadband network, and this what I suspect
the OP means by a "usb modem", though I could be wrong.

Network Management in System Settings has a tab for mobile broadband
which sets things up nicely - if that is what he's talking about.

Talk Talk is at the forefront of ISPs in the UK which give away a
netbook free providing you sign up to their mobile broadband network.

Do you not have this in the USA?

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