Assembly language programming in unix environment

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Mon Sep 21 11:17:17 UTC 2009

Christopher Lemire wrote:
> So what do you advise, me switch to intel? That will require a new mobo and proc? Am I better off learning C?

Don't listen to freeburn. He hasn't got a clue of what he is talking.
Your AMD chip uses the exact same instruction set as Intel.

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> Dear Christopher Lemire
> u have an AMD processor which is kind of difficult to program. AMD is
> RISC processor whereas intel is CISC. and we were taught all about CISC
> processor. so i know how to program intel processors. and as far as i
> know programming RISC machine is way more difficult than CISC one. you
> see in CISC architecture one instruction can be decoded by the processor
> by several steps. where as in RISC architecture this is not true. here
> the processor is less intelligent so the instructions has to be further
> broken apart for the processor. thats why it is more cumbersome coding
> for RISC machine. i have part time job in a company which specialises in
> embedded systems. we have to use different micro-controllers. most of
> them uses AVR family of microprocessors.  when we program them we always
> try use "c" . but sometimes we jsut have to use assembly language when
> the memory of that system is severely low and when we need very high
> efficiency in speed. and i'm telling you ,programming RISC processors is
> a quiet a tusk. firstly u need an assembler and some documents about
> your microprocessor for basic information like number of registers,
> addressing modes, memory interfacing, stack organisation etc. i'm
> suggesting a book which can be very helpful "Guide to assembly language
> programming in linux" by sivaram dandmudi published by springer. i have
> better books about aseembly language but they all are about intel
> processors. 
> the hardest thing will be finding an assembler. i use nasm. but its for
> x86 processor. i dont know any other assembler in linux. i know some in
> windoze but its good to stay away from buggy windoze software(:D)
> in my office the assembler i use for RISC AVR processor is no good for
> you, cause its a native assembler made for AVR processors.
> one of my teacher has expertise in RISC machine, i'll consult with him. 
> thanks for asking me this.


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