Installing from a jar filr

Aart Koelewijn aart at
Thu Sep 17 18:19:29 UTC 2009

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009 13:52:08 -0400, Avraham Hanadari wrote:

> My newest challenge involves finding a HTML editor with Homesite
> functions. I used Arachnophilia years ago in Windows and I just
> downloaded a jar package to see how it is now. This is where I'm stuck.
> I've never installed from a jar file before. This is another step in my
> Linux education.
> The Arachnophilia instructions say:
> Put the JAR file you downloaded (Arachnophilia.jar) anywhere appropriate
> on your system,  be sure you have also installed the Java runtime before
> running Arachnophilia.
> Open a command console (Linux: shell console), move to the Arachnophilia
> program directory, type "java -jar Arachnophilia.jar" For convenience,
> this command can be made part of a shell script, and those using X
> windows can easily make a desktop icon.
> 1. What is meant by "anywhere appropriate"? Should the jar package be
> left on the desktop for this operation?

No (you can, but I would never do it)

> 2. If not, where should I place it?

If more users on your system should be able to run the programm I would 
put it in /usr/local/bin or maybe /usr/local/java. If only one user 
should be able to run it, you could also put it in /home/[user]/bin/, or 
if you prefer that /home/[user]/java or even /home/[user]/bin/java/

> 3. What is the proper syntax for changing a directory?

cd (or don't I understand your question?)

Anyway, the script might contain:

cd [path to the programm]
java -jar ./Arachnophilia.jar

This script must be executable (chmod +x) and in the $PATH of the users 
who should be able to run it. And remember: the current directory on 
standard Ubuntu systems is not in your path. That is the reason for 
the ./ before Arac[etc]

> Thanks in advance.

No thanks, hope it is clear


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