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Patton Echols wrote:
> On 09/12/2009 05:10 PM, p.echols at wrote:
>> I am getting ready to set up a virtual machine to install Windows XP.  (Time to quite dual booting)  From my scan through the archives of this list, it appears that VMWare Server or VirtualBox are the options.  (I have not pursued references to other options as these two seem to be what is used most.)
> Thanks again to all the good insights from all who responded.  I ended 
> up with the Virtualbox PUEL version.  It really is easy to install if 
> you are not fussed about the non-free parts. 
> Follow up (Hijacking my own thread?) Since it is still windows, it will 
> be susceptible to virii just like a hardware box.  But everything has to 
> go through the host system, so would clamav on the ubuntu host protect 
> windows?  Or does it need it's own av solution?
> Since there are very few programs that need windows at all, and most of 
> the risk factors are not there, I am reluctant to install a full on 
> Antivirus suite, but don't want to be stupid about it either. 
> Thanks again,
> --PE
As Peter mentioned, if the software does not need networking then don't 
give it - kill the network card.  If you need the machines to be 
networked then try local network or assigning the windows machine it's 
own network with a static IP then set up second connection on the host:

    sudo ifconfig eth0:1

This leaves your original eth0 intact but gives the host and guest 
network connection.  Vbox allows for this with "Internal Network".  The 
guest cannot navigate out to the internet. 

Also, as mentioned, once you have everything updated and all the 
software installed, if at that point you are not going to change 
anything then I recommend two things.  Get a snapshot so you can recover 
in <5 sec /and/ copy your .vdi file:

   vboxmanage clonehd <filename> <outputfile>

and move it to a safe partition and/or external drive.  If you ever have 
to rebuild your host box then this will save you from rebuilding the 
guest machine as well.

Finally, if you are going to be on the internet with the guest then get 
AV or set up trusted only security (which is still no guarantee).   
Restore from snapshot regularly.

Steve - "network-traffic scanner (does such a thing exist!?)."

Yes - Watchguard Unified Threat Management (UTM), we have noticed 
roughly an 83% kill rate before threats make it to the PC.  This is a 
router that scans traffic in transit.  Been out for a few months now.  
This is the first in the price range of small business.

Ammdee - I am always facinated with etymology.  Nice bit on virus.


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