Ubuntu Professionals Forum?

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 14 21:51:58 UTC 2009

On Mon, 14 Sep 2009 17:28:05 +0300
Rakotomandimby Mihamina <mihamina at gulfsat.mg> uttered these words:

> Because I dont understand why do people want to wipe out "dummies".
> He has been a dummy at the beginning, just like everyone of us.
> He became a "professional" (if he ever is) because someone
> taught him.
> And now, he wants a "professional-only" community place?
> Leaving what and where he is from?

Before this thread gets out of hand, I'd like to put in my tuppence

We had the OP ask a factual question: is there a professional-only
list.  Answer: there isn't.

Should there be?  I don't think that there has been enough demand for
one, so until there is enough people to organise a list and keep it
running, I think it a hypothetical question.  The question of what
actually defines "professional" needs to be decided in advance, and
until there is some agreement on this term, I think it a non-starter.

But no matter what I think, if somebody wanted to organise a newsgroup,
yahoogroup, or web forum for ubuntu professionals he might be
successful, who knows?  I see nothing fundamentally wrong against him
trying.  The list would be an unofficial list and would remain so until Canonical
decided to adopt it or create its own, but only Canonical knows whether
it hasn't done so through lack of demand, because it thinks that its
normal lists suffice, or they just haven't thought about it. 

Neverthless, it does seem unusual of Canonical not to have organised
such a list particularly as they have Ubuntu registered certification,
but then perhaps they have and its a list which is accessible to those
who are registered.......

Graham Todd

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