Facebook is anti-Linux! Help change them!

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at verizon.net
Mon Sep 14 00:06:59 UTC 2009

Douglas Pollard wrote:
> Hal Burgiss wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 06:19:47PM -0400, Douglas Pollard wrote:
>>> cut out a piece of.   WE all have a wonderful OS in Linux and free 
>>> programs to run on it but I think without Microsoft and others like them 
>>> we have very little going on on line, their would be a few mainframes 
>>> and Linux would still be a twinkle in Linus's eye. Thank God for the 
>> What a crock of horse droppings! Facebook runs on Linux. Google runs on Linux.
>> The internet was built with Unix servers, not MS. Apache is the number one
>> webserver in our solar system. MS could not even run hotmail on their own OS
>> when they bought it. The internet was built with Unix based protocols and Unix
>> servers. Without stuff like that for MS to copy, they'd have very little
>> useful. Go back under that rock, dude. Read a newspaper every now and then. 
>     Sorry Hal you are all wet. It's about market share and Microsoft had 
> darn near all of it and if they hadn't taken it there wouldn't be any 
> Linux they presented the opportunity.  If MS hadn't created the 
> opportunity Linus would have not created Linux and their wouldn't be an 
> apache. Windoz sold the computer to the general public at a time when 
> computers cost millions. If Microsoft hadn't manufactured millions of 
> computers they would still cost a million a peace.  They provided the 
> opening for Linux.
>      If the railroads hadn't needed steel there wouldn't have been any 
> steel. All business follows a logical sequence and that sequence is 
> called capitalism. That doesn't mean that Linux can't make a better 
> way.  Because of a lack of marketing Linux is way behind.  Now I don't 
> care if it gets any bigger or not it suits me like it is and I will 
> continue toe use it in that light. The roads followed the steel rails 
> and without them there wouldn't be any trucking industry.  Horses don't 
> make droppings they make horse pucky. 
>     My first computer was a TI 30 it had no Windowz only Doss. Microsoft 
> wrote Windows and It sucked but it beat the crap out of Doss.  Grandmaw 
> would have never used doss..   Linux came along years later and for a 
> long time it was almost worthless for the average home computer user. I 
> Know I tried it in the early years. If It hadn't of been for the Geeks 
> and hackers that would have been the end of it. I think Linux saved Unix 
> as it was of little use to anyone but big shops using big computers.  
> They improved it so that it could be used by the average JOE.  IT is a 
> fine program and I likely use it as much as you do.  I see no harm in 
> admitting who was responsabel for the home computer and opening the 
> way.                                                                    
>                                           Doug
I am sorry guys, I thought this thread was on Sounder. I will say no more.

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