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Colin Law clanlaw at
Sun Sep 13 20:30:58 UTC 2009

2009/9/13 Derek Broughton <derek at>:
> Colin Law wrote:
>> 2009/9/13 Derek Broughton <derek at>:
>>> Colin Law wrote:
>>>> 2009/9/12  <Cqcq88 at>:
>>>>> How can I download Ubuntu so that it fits on a 700MB CD?
>>>>> I downloaded it from the mirror-site at Univ. Tenn. Knoxville(utk) and
>>>>> it was 702.2KB.
>>>>> Thamks for any help.
>>>> Assuming that you have downloaded the .iso file the file size is
>>>> irrelevant.  It is an image of a CD and will therefore fit.
>>> That's really not true.  I long since stopped burning Ubuntu isos to CD
>>> and use DVDs, because trying to cram that much onto cheap CDs never
>>> worked. CDs really _do_ have different sizes.
>> I understood that a CD iso image could not be burnt onto a DVD, though
>> I have never tried.  Can anyone else comment?
> Is there a need?  Either you think I'm lying to you, or you have to accept
> that of course you _can_ burn a CD iso image to a DVD.  They're bootable
> too.  "iso" being the International Standards Organization, it would be
> awkward if CD "iso" and DVD "iso" were somehow non-standard.

No of course I don't think you are lying to me, but you only have to
read some of the rubbish on mailing lists to know that some
contributors post things as if they were self evidently true when
their knowledge is just not sufficient for them to pronounce so
confidently.  The situation was that you suggested something, I
thought that I had read elsewhere something to the contrary, and I was
just asking for confirmation that I was mistaken, which I obviously
am. I stand corrected and apologise for doubting you  It appears my
knowledge on CDs and DVDs has been sorely lacking.

I have to disagree with your suggestion that just because they are ISO
standard files implies that they must be able to be burnt on either
medium.  The standard (ISO9660) does include a media specifier, though
it appears that this is always set to 'CD001' whether it is for a cd
or dvd. In principle it could be different for a DVD, though
apparently it is not.  I am not suggesting that I was therefore right
in any way, just contesting the statement that the fact that it is a
standard file format somehow implied automatically that it must be
burnable to a DVD.

As I said, though, I was obviously completely wrong in thinking that
an iso designed for a CD could not be burnt onto a DVD and apologise
again for doubting you.


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