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Derek Broughton wrote:
> Colin Law wrote:
>> 2009/9/13 Derek Broughton <derek at>:
>>> Colin Law wrote:
>>>> 2009/9/12  <Cqcq88 at>:
>>>>> How can I download Ubuntu so that it fits on a 700MB CD?
>>>>> I downloaded it from the mirror-site at Univ. Tenn. Knoxville(utk) and
>>>>> it was 702.2KB.
>>>>> Thamks for any help.
>>>> Assuming that you have downloaded the .iso file the file size is
>>>> irrelevant.  It is an image of a CD and will therefore fit.
>>> That's really not true.  I long since stopped burning Ubuntu isos to CD
>>> and use DVDs, because trying to cram that much onto cheap CDs never
>>> worked. CDs really _do_ have different sizes.
>> I understood that a CD iso image could not be burnt onto a DVD, though
>> I have never tried.  Can anyone else comment?
> Is there a need?  Either you think I'm lying to you, or you have to accept 
> that of course you _can_ burn a CD iso image to a DVD.  They're bootable 
> too.  "iso" being the International Standards Organization, it would be 
> awkward if CD "iso" and DVD "iso" were somehow non-standard.
>> Even so I fail to see the logic of buying such cheap CDs that you have
>> to use DVDs instead.  I would have thought it better to buy usable
>> CDs.
> And you would be able to tell which those were... how?  I only need to use 
> one DVD every six or twelve months for an Ubuntu image.  And I still have 60 
> or so cheap CDs to use up.  I'm not going to buy a bunch more CDs just to 
> find one that will handle an Ubuntu image.

	That is why I pay 5 cents each for my CD-R. They assure me they are at 
least 700 MB of usable space. About 4 or 5 years ago there were some 
CD-R who only assured 680 MB, and sometimes you had get lucky to get one 
that was big enough.

73 Karl


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