Wireless does not see Internet [was: PSK recovery?]

James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 05:50:21 UTC 2009

Hi Fred

On Sunday 13 September 2009 14:42:35 Fred Roller wrote:
> James Takac wrote:
> >>> and route gives
> >>>
> >>> Kernel IP routing table
> >>> Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use
> >>> [snip]
> >>> default         UG    0      0        0
> >>> wlan0
> >>> default         UG    100    0        0
> >>> eth0
> >>>
> >>> dunno if it will help but route from this system (working) gives
> >>> [snip]
> >>> default         mygateway1.ar7         UG    0      0        0
> >>> ath0
> >>> [snip]
> >
> > Know what ya mean. And I forgot to mention somewhere between beginner and
> > intermediate re wireless
> >
> > James
> do you know the ip addy of "mygateway1.ar7?  From the non working system
> can you successfully ping from the working system?
> On the system that is *not* working, open a terminal and run the command
>     |sudo route add default gw mygateway1.ar7
> |
> |if it doesn't error with "unknown" host, then try:
>     ping www.google.com
> you may have to restart the wireless connection.
>     Left click network manager (the icon in the panel, upper right) and
> click on your network should restart.  Type route "to be sure the change
> from above is still there."
> What appears to be is that the new system is not getting the same
> gateway as the working system.  Though I do not know the ip address of
> the working system both seem to be on the 10.*.*.* network and /should/
> see each other.  If the two systems can "ping" each other as is, then
> your network is fine and the new system is connecting as it should.  The
> fault would then lie in the routing of the gateway.  Try the above and
> let me know.  We will get you fixed.  Sorry for the delay in response.
> --
> Fred
> www.fwrgallery.com
> "Life is like linux, simple.  If you are fighting it you are doing
> something wrong."

I'll give that a go as soon as Vista finishes updating on the other system. 
btw, this one's ip on my network is
No worries re the delay. Gmail is giving me probs with sending periodically so 
it may take a lil sometimes my end as well.

Well. Vista has updated and I've rebooted into ubuntu. Tried adding 
mygateway1.ar7 as outined above and got the unknown host response sadly. The is obviously the addy for my router (D-Link DSL-G604T). I can't ping 
it from any of my other systems nor can it ping the others or access the 
router webpage

I agree with you in seeing the gateway not being setup the same for some 
reason tho I know not why. Can I blame my cat that loves sitting on my kbd? 


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