Recommendations on software to edit and/or convert movies?

Fred Roller froller at
Sun Sep 13 04:47:55 UTC 2009

Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
> I've got a "footage" from a couple of digital cameras, and i want to make
> sense of this stuff.
> One produces .avi files, which work fine when I send them to family members
> with Windoze machines.
> The other produces MP4s, which requires added software on Windoze.  Is there
> some way to
> convert MP4 -> AVI.  While I'm at it, a lot of this stuff is boring and
> could really benefit from some
> editing.  All I have on my Ubuntu system is players, not editors; they seem
> happy with either format,
> but I need to send this stuff to folks who are clue challenged.
> Can someone recommend conversion software, and maybe editing?
> ++ kevin
Don't do a lot of video but tried my hand at a few.  Kino was the 
simplest and most intuitive software to me.  And it is in the repos:

    sudo apt-get install kino

Liked it because the editing, like I think you are suggesting, was easy 
to cut the unwanted parts.  Title function was nice too.  The software 
imports and converts everything to .dv and exports to any number of 
video types.  Again, pure amateur point of view.


"Life is like linux, simple.  If you are fighting it you are doing something wrong."

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