Ubuntu Backup Solutions?

Trent Murray trent at guardianIT.com.au
Sun Sep 13 04:02:51 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm looking for a backup solution for small -> medium businesses with 10 ->
200 users and would appreciate any suggestions.  Currently I'm using a
roll-your-own rsync/mysql dump script.

 I am looking for a backup solution with:

* Disk based storage
* Web interface or similar (for day to day use)
* Email notifications
* Amazon S3 connectivity (or the ability to backup to a s3fs mount)
* capacity to backup other machines data, or itself (e.g. put on one Ubuntu
server for self backups)
* MySQL backups

ANY help will be of use.  I am currently looking at the following but cant
seem to make my mind up on what is best suited:

* Amanda - looks great but lacks any simple gui to assist with
* BackupPC - doesnt seem to do Mysql databases
* Bacula -  disk storage seems to be buggy or difficult to set up reliably.

Kind Regards,

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