Virtal Machine preferences?

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Sun Sep 13 00:21:03 UTC 2009

p.echols at wrote:
> I am getting ready to set up a virtual machine to install Windows XP.  (Time to quite dual booting)  From my scan through the archives of this list, it appears that VMWare Server or VirtualBox are the options.  (I have not pursued references to other options as these two seem to be what is used most.)
> The first question: there some reason to use one over the other?  Features or ease of use?

use virtualbox here, i think to get the same functionality with
vmware(usb and non nat networking, etc) theres some cost involved or use
to be, not sure.
> The second question: when I am not using Windows (which will only be rarely) I assume I can shut down the VM and recover the memory / cpu resources for Ubuntu.  Are there complications with doing that?  

yes, when you close virtualbox, resources go back to the host os.

Steve Reilly

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