Folder just appeared in Evolution... didn't put it there, and it wouldnt let me delete it.

Jay Daniels tux at
Sat Sep 12 01:59:16 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 20:39 -0500, Andrew Farris wrote:
> either way, the folder seemed to stay gone after I was able to delete
> it
> through evolution. 

It stay gone until you get another email from gmane or one that has
gmane in specific header field.

My procmail recipe works if I get mail from it gets sorted to a folder named
ubuntu-users.  If that folder doesn't exist procmail creates the folder.
This sounds exactly like what you got going on.

I'm sure there are security issues with such tools, but everybody seem
to be using them.  A special constructed email could possibly choke up
my system if I was using a small disk or partition for /home  By sending
these emails they could create directories with special characters which
for a newbie would be difficult to delete.  If people are doing this
sort of thing, they won't be around long before the spam cops come
knocking on their door.


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