wireless on 9.04

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 01:50:01 UTC 2009

On 09/11/2009 04:41 PM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> Shannon McMackin wrote:
>> On 09/11/2009 09:18 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>> Shannon McMackin wrote:
>>>> On 09/10/2009 07:32 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>> Shannon McMackin wrote:
>>>>>> On 09/09/2009 03:53 PM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>>>> Shannon McMackin wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 09/09/2009 01:46 PM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Shannon McMackin wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> On 09/09/2009 08:00 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> 	I and others wrote a bug for 9.04 because we could not get wireless
>>>>>>>>>>> working after we got a lot of updates. It appears to me now working with
>>>>>>>>>>> 9.10 alfa 3 that the Key-chain is the thing that causes confusion when
>>>>>>>>>>> setting up wireless.
>>>>>>>>>>> 	Here is what happened with 9.10. It came up with no Internet after
>>>>>>>>>>> installing on the hard drive. Everything else was fine. I right clicked
>>>>>>>>>>> the two monitor in the upper right edge of the screen, and a panel came
>>>>>>>>>>> down showing the 3 wireless signals I receive now at home. I selected my
>>>>>>>>>>> own and a new panel came up asking for my router password. I gave it and
>>>>>>>>>>> expected the network manager to start getting the Internet but no.
>>>>>>>>>>> 	Another panel came up asking for me to put in a password for a
>>>>>>>>>>> key-ring! I put in a simple password, and THEN the Internet started working.
>>>>>>>>>>> 	After a re-boot again the 9.10 comes up without Internet working. This
>>>>>>>>>>> time you right click the monitors and the key-chain panel wants you to
>>>>>>>>>>> give it a password and when you do, it works.
>>>>>>>>>>> 	Now on 9.04 I went through all this and then tried "wicd" and never
>>>>>>>>>>> looked back. This replacement for network manager after a reboot has
>>>>>>>>>>> Internet ready before the rest of the system is started!
>>>>>>>>>>> 	My question to the group is this: Is anyone using wireless Internet
>>>>>>>>>>> still using network manager on 9.04? If so are you using the key-ring
>>>>>>>>>>> password like I did?
>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks Karl
>>>>>>>>>> I have never had the problems you describe with key-ring.  Default
>>>>>>>>>> installs every time.  Since before I can remember and this is maybe back
>>>>>>>>>> to Edgy, I install and select my wireless AP and enter the information
>>>>>>>>>> and connect.  Never prompted for a keyring password.
>>>>>>>>>> Current NM is awesome for me, switching APs and with some WPAsupplicant
>>>>>>>>>> patches, it's flawless on my corporate LEAP network.
>>>>>>>>> 	Have you ever used 9.04? Edgy had no problems you see. This problem
>>>>>>>>> never came up until version 9.04 and your email makes me think you have
>>>>>>>>> never used 9.04 so you have no background to talk from.
>>>>>>>> I have used every version of Ubuntu since Breezy Badger.
>>>>>>>> I jumped into Jaunty when it was Alpha 4, Karmic when it was Alpha 2.
>>>>>>>> Before that i always waited for RC images before jumping in.  I always
>>>>>>>> do a fresh install so that no flakiness is left behind.  I have /home on
>>>>>>>> a separate partition, so moving data is easy.
>>>>>>> 	OK I jumped into Jaunty at Beta. No problems after switching to the
>>>>>>> replacement for NM. I did write a bug to Jaunty about the gmail.key and
>>>>>>> other encombering matter that made NM not work well.
>>>>>>> 	I was asked last week by Pedro to d/l Karmic alfa 3 and see if it has
>>>>>>> the same problem as 9.04 has. I did that and Karmic has exactly the same
>>>>>>> problem!
>>>>>>> 	Read back a few emails and see how many other people have this problem
>>>>>>> and what they did to correct for it.
>>>>>>> 	Finally I think your a liar. There is no way you could miss this
>>>>>>> problem IF your using wireless.
>>>>>> Karl,
>>>>>> Your condescending attitude is usually amusing until you direct it at
>>>>>> me.  I am no liar and I'm telling you that I've never had the keyring
>>>>>> problem.  The last time I experienced a keyring request for accessing
>>>>>> wireless on 1st time setup, I did what was recommended, set my keyring
>>>>>> password to my login password and I was never prompted again.
>>>>> 	I guess your FIX works and it goes from version to version as you upgrade.
>>>>>       This was
>>>>>> many releases ago.
>>>>>> I've had Intel wireless and Atheros wireless and never ever experienced
>>>>>> the level of difficulty you seem to have.
>>>>>> You should not be calling people a liar unless you can prove it.
>>>>> 	I called you a liar because you said first you were NEVER bothered by
>>>>> the keyring thing. Now you admit you DID have a problem and you applied
>>>>> a FIX that works.
>>>>> 	My position is simple. If Ubuntu wants to get more people interested in
>>>>> using the system, they should not have to learn somehow a FIX so they
>>>>> can get wireless Internet working.
>>>>> karl
>>>> If you read what I wrote, I said I never had a problem with it.  When it
>>>> asked me for a password, I gave it my user account password and never
>>>> saw it again.  Therefore I'm not a liar.
>>> 	Please tell us which versions you did this with.
>> When I did do a fresh install of Ubuntu and was prompted for a keyring
>> password upon connecting to wireless was at least 2 years ago or more.
>> If I had to make a guess, it was gutsy gibbon or feisty fawn.
>> 2 weeks ago, I did a fresh install of Karmic Alpha4 and was not prompted
>> for a keyring password upon wireless connection.  I was not prompted
>> when I did a fresh install of jaunty, intrepid, hardy or gutsy.
> 	I am sorry. What you say is contrary to what I KNOW is fact. First you
> can not have this problem with intrepid, hardy or gutsy since they have
> no keyring software.
> 	I find the keyring problem in jaunty, as many others have also, and in
> Karmic Alfa3 seen just by me so far.
> 	So what you say tells me you know far less about this problem than I
> do. From now on I will just no longer discuss this with you.

I only know about your "problem" based on what you post here.  I have 
not experienced your "problem" since a few years back on another 
version.  When I was prompted, I entered my user password and was never 
prompted again unlike your "problem" where you used a different password 
than your user password.  I would suspect that if you did upgrades, your 
"problem" would persist as the keyring is functioning as designed with 
regard to NM.  If you did a fresh install of the latest Karmic build, I 
doubt you would experience your "problem".

Since you recently came to Ubuntu from Fedora, I can safely say I've 
been using Ubuntu a lot longer than you have and I would not be adding 
to this list if I did not know what I'm talking about.  Not that I have 
to justify my existence to you but if you truly wish to not discuss this 
matter with me, I think that suits me just fine because I truly don't 
care for your insults.

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