Messengers and Music Players

Minty Busby serendipity.g3a at
Fri Sep 11 23:39:53 UTC 2009

Thanks, Chris!  pidgin-musictracker sounds just like what I was talking
about, but I never realised MSN users were unable to see my status
messages.  I'll have to ask them first.  I don't wanna mess up my nickname
for nothing, lol!


I changed my status and asked my friend (yes, I have one!) to read it back
to me since she is using MSN on Windows, and she read it correctly.  I'll
try that thing anyway since I can always remove it if it messes anything up.

Steve's Topic:

Wanna talk about etiquette even though this is the wrong thread for it?  I
just finished reading that in a thread somebody made for it, and I'm not
here to annoy people.  I'm not immune to being annoyed, as you can now see,
but I belong to far too many lists to keep "local customs" straight, so I've
come up with an idea that should make everybody happy.  Even you!  I've
decided that I just won't include any quotes at all!  I'll simply include
enough information in my own posts so others know what I'm talking about.
If any quoted text is included in THIS post, that means Gmail has taken the
matter into its own hands, and compliance with your "etiquette" is over my
head.  I don't have any problem reading everybody's various methods of
posting.  In fact, I find it comforting to see how many people here are
human even though this list is about computers.  My brain functions
sufficiently to decypher post orders of all reasonable sorts in real time,
so I don't have to take the time to figure out where the quotes end or where
the posts begin, or what elements in the quotes are being referred to by the
poster (especially since I'm using Gmail, which sorts most of that out for
me), and therefore, it poses nothing to annoy me.
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