top and bottom posting

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Sep 10 13:19:07 UTC 2009

Jay Daniels wrote:

> It seems the reason that people want you to bottom post is because most
> people bottom post and if one person post at top it breaks the
> question/answer methodology of the chicken and egg problem.
> Now what if "everybody" top posted.  I think it would be much easier to
> read assuming you are reading the list from a news reader or an emailer
> that just marked read mail and not actually delete it until it's old.

#$%^  Every few weeks there's somebody else who wants us all to change just 
to suit him.

> If that was the case and everybody agreed, what would be wrong top
> posting, if anything?

I read hundreds of emails a day.  I think you're expecting a bit much of me 
if you want me remember context or to track back through previous posts to 
find it.  Trim, but retain the important context, and respond inline.

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