top and bottom posting

Tim Tebbit ttebbit at
Wed Sep 9 22:22:27 UTC 2009

Wade Smart wrote:
> This is the wrong place to talk about this but I will say this:

Yes Wade you are very much in the 'wrong' part (top again) of this 
thread to discuss this.

> If everyone did the same thing - top or bottom - its easier to read.
> Gmail (which Im on right now) only does top. Thunderbird, which I usually
> use, does either. Most people go with whatever the default is.
> Wade

OK... Lets change the way mailing lists have been operating for probably 
triple gmails age and because some people don't know how to move a 
cursor around.

Default on Mutt is whatever your editor does. Vim starts at the top of a 
empty file for me. Probably the rest of the descent MUAs as well. You 
get to use that to your advantage. Inline reply, sniping on your way 
down to the body of your message, cleaning things up as you go.

This topic is brought up on a monthly basis (at least) and people have 
no clue about why. Clearly it shows that when someone runs into a 
problem he has never once looked over the archives to see if the problem 
was discussed once before.

After a few trips rummaging through the archives it becomes crystal 
clear.  Threads that develop as per mailing list customs are very easy 
to follow. I agree if you are an active participant in a thread it 
really doesn't matter because you have fresh first hand knowledge of the 
discussion taking place. Give it a few months and it's easy to forget. 
Think about the comments (# foo) in scripts.

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