Problem with my 3Com 905c

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Wed Sep 9 20:34:02 UTC 2009

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> Subject: Re: Problem with my 3Com 905c
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> On 09/08/2009 04:18 PM, Stefano Vettorazzi wrote:
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>> No. The results are slower only when I make "ping xxxx" to internet.
>> The problem isn't of my ISP because in Windows (in the same machine)
>> work beautiful.
> Please do not post in html on this list, plain text is preferred :-)
> Is there any particular reason you are using the 2.6.30 kernel? When you
> said that you 'compiled' the 2.6.30 kernel, I'm guessing that you did
> this with a standard Jaunty install. Do you get the same when you use
> the standard Jaunty kernel?
> Can you please post the output of:
> $ ifconfig
> The first 3 lines of:
> $ cat /etc/hosts
> All of:
> $ cat /etc/network/interfaces
> Also please advise what the mtu settings are on the router/modem, and
> what the recommended mtu settings are from your ISP. It is possible that
> the default mtu setting of 1500 on Ubuntu is causing fragmentation. See:
> for how you can test to see if the mtu setting is the problem.
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I have downloaded the linux kernel source from and I have followed various steps that I have readed in a manual. 
I can work with a crossover connection to other machine (I have moved 4GB of this machine to other machine), and I can connect me to internet.
If you don't know: the 3Com adapter is onboard. It can be the difference with your card.
Things that I have tried, and I remember today (with the same result) are:
 - Disable IPV6
 - Disable tcp_window_scalling, tcp_timestamps and tcp_sack
 - Install another Ubuntu's version (7.10 Desktop, 8.04 LTS Desktop, 9.04 Server, 9.04 Desktop)
 - Install Debian
 - Install Mandrake 8.1
 - Boot from the Ubuntu live CD (7.10,8.04,9.04)
 - Change the speed and the duplex mode
 - Autoconfigure the NIC with an 3Com tool 
 - Add 3c59x to /etc/modules
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