Internet Connection with Ubuntu 8.10 on Mac Pro

Minty Busby serendipity.g3a at
Wed Sep 9 00:40:44 UTC 2009

I have an Ubuntu 8.10 (tried 32-bit and 64-bit with the same results)
DVD-Rom that I used to install directly on my Mac Pro (4,1) 2.66 GHz
Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 3gb ram, 256k L2 cache per core, 8mb L3 cache, I'm
probably giving you tmi.

Anyway, I can't connect to the internet.  The network icon by the clock
seems to indicate that the cable is unplugged, though it is not.  I think it
is a driver issue.  I used this sams disc to install the OS on another older
computer that works perfectly, as well as as a guest hosted by Mac OS X Snow
Leopard.  I would rather run it without the limitations of VirtualBox.  The
only thing that doesn't work is the internet connection.  I intend to use it
to upgrade to 9.04 using the built-in updater as I have on the other two

If the Apple network adapter is the problem, and if it's supported in 9.04,
I'd like a solution that doesn't involve downloading a gigantic ISO and
burning another CD.  Maybe somebody knows how I can get that driver and
install it.  Maybe that isn't even the problem, but it seems to be.  I don't
know how to check.  My broadband connection is restricted to 425MB/day
except from 11pm-4am when I have unlimited torrent downloads, but that's so
off-peak on bit-torrent that download slows to a stop because there's nobody
online from whom to download.  I'd hate to spend weeks staying up late
downloading a little bit every night and waste several cents on a blank CD
(kidding) only to discover the compatibility issue with my hardware (which I
think to be the network adapter) has not been resolved in 9.04.

A quick idea .. I saw a USB to ethernet adapter on Amazon and eBay .. I
could plug my ethernet cable into that instead.  would that make it any
easier?  Would Ubuntu 8.10 with no updates recognise that long enough for me
to download the updates?

Sorry I'm so verbose.  Hope it serves a purpose someday =)
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