Using USB Memory Stick to Improve Performance

Siggy Brentrup ubuntu at
Tue Sep 8 06:05:02 UTC 2009

Sorry for this late followup, it's because I am not good at
formulating this stuff even in my native language.

You wrote:
> Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> [snip]

> > It's a general symptom, RAM is still 512MiB upgradable to 1GiB but
> > I don't find an affordable source (buying from Sony is too
> > expensive now after >5years w/o a paid job due to illness).

This was only meant as an explanation, not as a request for sponsorship.

> send your RAM specs.  Got a couple of spare 1 Gig sticks.  I'll send
> one if they match.

Thanks for your kind offer, I'm really impressed.  May I suggest that
you donate these spare sticks to someone who needs them more urgently
than I do?  Local LUGs come to mind.  ATM I'm proud of being able
again to find workarounds for my problems on my own.

I'm currently working on reopening my consulting business and am
applying for governmental startup support.  Not sure if this will
work.  On Sep 16 there will be an important meeting where I have to
present my concept, please cross your fingers at 08:30 UTC.  Moreover
I presented some idieas to the network of OSS addicts that
I am part of.

Only if all this doesn't work out, I'm thinking of setting up a
request for sponsorship page to support my OSS work.

Thanks for listening
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