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drew einhorn drew.einhorn at
Mon Sep 7 22:49:10 UTC 2009

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 3:31 PM, drew einhorn<drew.einhorn at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm building a new box.
> A lot of the hardware really needs .22
> So I'm trying Mythbuntu 9.10 alpha 5
> But I don't think I even have the right installer booting,
> Gave up on booting from cd the drives were awfully dusty,
> when I pulled them of the shelf.  Have new dvd writer on
> order but it's not here yet.
> Downloaded the 64bit mythbuntu 9.10 alpha 5 iso to a 32-bit jaunty box.
> Did a
>     System -> Administration -> USB Starter Disk Creator
> Used the mythbuntu 9.10 (Karminc Koala) alpha 5 iso as the
> source iso.  Built a USB boot disk.
> But it looks like Jaunty install.  It sets up the Jaunty repositories
> for updates.
> I know a lot of cosmetics on a alpha look like the previous release,
> but I'd expect it to use the Karmic repos by now.
> Is this the right way to build a karmic usb installer?

At this point I am certain that I have a ubuntu 9.04 USB installer,
not a Mythbuntu 9.10 alpha 5 USB installer.

Selecting the 64 bit mythbuntu 9.10 alpha iso,
did not accomplish anything else useful.

Drew Einhorn

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