touchpad problem

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Sep 7 19:57:03 UTC 2009

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

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>> ashwin1711 wrote:
>> > Im talking about IBM Thinkpad R50p model
>> >
>> >
>> As of 2009-07-27 none of thr R50 series is compatible with
>> ubuntu:
> Hilarious, I can't believe it took this long to weed the information out
> of ashwin.  I really thought he was just trolling._:o)) Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at

Not that it means much.  Nothing there says the R50 isn't compatible, it 
says it hasn't been "certified".  Given the fact that Thinkpads in general 
work very well with Ubuntu, and that so few systems are _listed_ as 
certified with Ubuntu, I'd have to say that they simply haven't invested 
much time in trying to certify their systems on ubuntu.  I can't say I blame 
them - it's a lot of work to test every system on every version of every 
distro.  Though you might think they'd invest more effort in the #1 distro.

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