Ubuntu 9.04 Installation

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 6 08:49:30 UTC 2009

2009/9/5 Rob <robfleet at ix.netcom.com>:
> Ok...here's a brain teaser.
> I have tried twice now to install Ubuntu 9.04 to a Win XP box with the
> following results.
> Installation Attempt #1
> The install appears to proceed normally to an external 500 Gig drive
> (brand new) with Grub installed to HD0.  Previous installations like
> this (to an older external drive) with Grub installed to HD0) worked
> fine.  However, upon reboot after the Ubuntu installation, the system
> halts on Grub error 15.  Fortunately, we had burned a Super Grub CD a
> little over a year ago and that allowed me to boot to XP but not to
> Ubuntu on the external drive.  Thinking it may be something unique to my
> machine (an IBM/Lenovo), we called them since we have have on-site
> coverage.  The technician came and installed a new motherboard (don't
> know how he determined that was a problem but so be it.)  We rebuilt the
> machine with the factory disks that came with it and I ran XP only for
> about a week before attempting to install Ubuntu.
> Installation Attempt # 1
> Again, the installation appears to be proceeding normally to the
> external 500 Gig drive with Grub installed to HD0.  Once again, after
> installation completes and the machine is rebooted the following is
> observed:
> GRUB Loading Stage 1.5
> GRUB Loading, please wait
> Error 2
> My only alternative is to was to reboot using the Super Grub CD to run
> XP.  Would anyone have any ideas what may be going wrong here.  BTW the
> Ubuntu CD I am using came from Linux Format magazine so it was not
> downloaded or burned by me and I have no reason to suspect it is faulty.

You do have a reason to suspect the _possibility_ that it is faulty as
you are having problems installing.  If you boot from the CD there is
an option to check the CD itself.  It is worth doing that to rule out
this possibility.


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