rescue disk program with a gui

Tim Tebbit ttebbit at
Sun Sep 6 00:19:03 UTC 2009

darkfena313 wrote:
> Tim Tebbit wrote:
>>> Steve Reilly wrote:
>>> i have a usb drive that wont open. i want to get my files off of there.
>> gui won't help you there.
>> Mount it from the command line.
>> $ mkdir /tmp/disk
>> $ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/disk
>> $ nautilus /tmp/disk
>> Do what you need.
>> If /dev/sdb1 is not your usb drive or you don't know what it is...
>> Reconnect the device and run
>> $ dmesg |tail and note the device location. substitute /dev/sdb1
> Tim, here is what happen. i did what you said and the drive opened up 
> showing nothing inside. the funny thing about that is the dive indicates 
> that  space has been used but no files are shown when nautilus opens the 
> drive.

Possibly hidden files or files that begin with a period. <ctrl> + <h> in
nautilus should display them if any are present.

It is possible the drive is empty. Or you have mounted the incorrect
partition of the device.

the output of..

$ df -hT


$ sudo fdisk -l

with your drive connected and mounted would be helpful.

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