Open Office 3.1 is slow on my Jaunty 64 bit, but not on 32 bit

The Eye In The Sky syiwabhairawa at
Sat Sep 5 01:27:15 UTC 2009

Andrew Farris wrote:
> I've had a similar issue with on 64-bit...though mine
> does it with plain text docs occasionally as well. I haven't yet found a
> full resolution, but one thing you could try is increasing
>'s memory allocation. 
> When in OpenOffice, go to "Tools > Options > > Memory"
> and just ramp the allocated memory as high as you can go. I think the
> max is only 256mb, but thats better than the default 128 :)

Wow, I just knew about this, and it is quite useful.
I was also surprised that the default is only 20MB (both on 32 and 64 
bit), thus I now bump it up to the max 256MB.
It is reducing the amount of I take to load the document, and I can see 
that when I move to the page with the heavy image, it reduces the time 
to display it.
However, the jerkiness of the page movement is still can be felt, and 
the condition is still worse than the 32 bit environment.

My company is actually having the license of StarOffice, only that I was 
too lazy to install it manually (compared to the super easy apt-get). 
But looking at this case, it may be worth to try to install it and compare.

Thanks FYI :)

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