Vista kills Ubuntu wireless

Andrew Farris flyindragon1 at
Thu Sep 3 23:00:14 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 20:54 +0000, silner wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Sep 2009 16:06:23 -0500, Kenneth Loafman wrote:
> > It's not a driver issue, assuming it really did work the first time,
> > right out of the box, with a Live CD (disclaimer).  If that's the case
> > then Windows had to have set something in the device, possibly even a
> > firmware upgrade(?), and now Linux won't talk to the device.  You would
> > have to disassemble the Windows driver to see what it did during setup.
> >  If they did indeed upgrade the firmware, no amount of power cycling
> > would help.
> This explanation makes the most sense to me. It's not helpful but it 
> makes sense. I'll have to remember Vista is OK with updating firmware 
> without so much a by your leave. If this is the issue it's outrageous and 
> may even be actionable in the UK.

Which is why I dont use windows any more :)

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