Combining multiple PDF files into one File.

Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Thu Sep 3 22:27:10 UTC 2009

Tim Tebbit wrote:
> Kipton Moravec wrote:
>> I am trying to put together an information packet for a Triathlon.
>> All of the course maps are on individual .pdf files (one map per file). 
>> I need to be able to put marks on the maps (where I want to place safety
>> volunteers), and combine a bunch of maps into one multipage .pdf file to
>> email to some of the volunteers.
>> Is there a tool in Ubuntu that lets me do this? Is it multiple tools?
>> What are they called?
>> Kip
> What could be easier than pdftk? Number your pdf's in the order you'd
> like them to appear. Double check your numbering scheme with 'ls'.. If
> all is well..
> 'pdftk *.pdf cat output emailthis.pdf'

Oh yeah...I mentioned pdftk, which will join the files, but it occurs to 
me, it won't annotate them.
You need pdfedit or something for that, but you could join them quickly 
and painlessly with pdftk, then annotate with pdfedit.


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