Joke, I think

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Sep 2 19:26:15 UTC 2009

On 09/02/2009 08:13 AM, ashwin1711 wrote:
> Dear friend,
> Im not jocking.why didnt u read before commenting to my status.It
> happens coz i had changed username and home contains dir.It was before
> ashwn and i changed it ashwin so that from there problem start.i make
> changed it in user and group and also delated but Derek is verx
> intelligent guy he guide me very good and i get my home directry back
> but after my touchpad not worked.If its jock then why im typing this
> with my mobile which is very hard.and why i m wasting my time coz to
> get my documents which is imp for me.My frnd if u r working for ubuntu
> then its not good to make commets like this.Plz behave like good
> man.if u dont know how to solve any problen the keep quiet.THANK YOU

Ashwin, please let us know what your native language is. This way we can
possible direct you to a local Ubuntu group[1] and/or list[2] so it will
be easier to communicate your issues. Be advised that this is a 'Users'
mailing list, and others on the list, with the rare exception, are not
working for Ubuntu.


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