Evolution vs. Thunderbird

Tim Tebbit ttebbit at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 01:28:18 UTC 2009

David McNally wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> After being without Internet access for a week, I've decided I don't want to
> use webmail any longer. However, I don't want to change my email address, so
> I want to keep my Gmail, but use Evolution or Thunderbird to have it on my
> computer. During this internet-free week, I found myself constantly needing
> to go back and find old emails from the past few weeks that I would have had
> if I had set up Evolution or Thunderbird.
> So, which one do you folks think is better, and why?
> Just in case this helps, I need it to support Gmail easily. I have a 64-bit
> Ubuntu 9.04 machine. I don't have Thunderbird installed, but it would be no
> problem to install it. I need something that's _easy_ for me to use. I'm
> still a bit of a noob, but I'm a serious noob in this area. I've never
> really used programs like Outlook or Evolution or Thunderbird, so it has to
> be simple to navigate and to get it to do what I want it to do, even if I
> need to sacrifice features for that.
> Thanks in advance,
> David

I personally use Thunderbird/IceDove.  I've used it for so long that I'm
sure I have biased opinion.  I did give Evolution a somewhat fair shake
a few months ago.. But It's like using gnome for 5 years and then
deciding to try KDE for a month.  Clumsy, slow and soon enough you just
go back to what you know.

As far as losing the connection for a week.  Simply having a MUA won't
save you there if you use say IMAP.  And depending on your situation
POP3 might not be that great of an option either.

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