send mail from shell on 8.04 server (how to?)

Florian Diesch diesch at
Mon Oct 12 17:12:38 UTC 2009

Nik N <niknot at> writes:

> Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:
>> You'll need to install a 'sendmail' binary.  Whether that is sendmail
>> itself, or Postfix, or one of the other lightweight alternatives.  It
>> need not run as a service, since most native unix mail applications will
>> will pipe the e-mail to the binary, rather than use smtp.
> thanks, but that is actually what I'm trying to avoid. I am extremely
> careful about what I  install on the server - and that includes mail
> clients like mutt. I was hoping there would be a small, simple binary
> that would communicate directly with my isp's smtp server when invoked
> in a shell script, then terminate never to be seen or heard until
> explicitly invoked by the shell again.

sendemail seems to be that:

,----[ sendemail ]
| Package: sendemail
| Description: Lightweight, command line SMTP email client
|  SendEmail is a lightweight, completly command line based,
|  SMTP email agent. It was designed to be used in bash scripts,
|  Perl programs, and web sites, but it is also quite useful in
|  many other contexts
|  SendEmail is written in Perl and is unique in that it requires
|  no special modules. It has a straight forward interface,
|  making it very easy to use

I'd prefer a wellknown program like mutt, especially if security


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