Add Windows partition to existing Ubuntu Partition

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Oct 12 08:06:42 UTC 2009

2009/10/12 Michael White <enlightenedshadow at>
> Hello again,
> OK so I absolutely love Ubuntu (I was a long time Windows user) but I really need Windows also. I tried to use WINE but it sucks.

It is not true to say that Wine sucks, I use it for a couple of apps
that I still need windows for and it works fine.  If it will not run
the apps that you need that does not mean that Wine sucks, it just
means it is no good for you.

> So with that said, all I want to do is add a Windows partition to my system without formating the HDD again. If I have to I will but I rather not.
> Here's the deal. I do not have a CD with Windows on it, however I have my laptop that does and it has the WIN32 Installer on it. I was wondering if I could use that. I still have the serial number from the version that was on this PC before so that's not a problem.
> So what I am asking is can I use the WIN32 installer file from my laptop to install Windows XP on this computer? If so can I do it without messing up this OS which is using the full HDD?

Assuming you have room on the disk you can use gparted to shrink the
Ubuntu partition and make a new partition for Windows.  As to how to
install Windows on the new partition I can't help there.


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